Thursday, January 7, 2010

On the Grind

Saturday I'll be showing some of my work at the local, awsomely amazing Grinder event. I won't be doing a fashion show this time around, cause it's just been too cold for me to even begin putting one together. When it's cold like this, I can only do the basics: put prices on the clothes and show up and hopefully sell them while watching the live art show. Any sort of organizing and planning of a fashion show is just not feasible. Brrrrr. I move at a slower pace during these colder months. Maybe at the next (hopefully warmer) one, since I do enjoy doing them.

In lieu of a fashion show this go 'round, here's a clip about the event where you can see a few seconds of the show I did in '08.

Unfortunately they got me in the clip doing some funky walk, and not one of the other models who walked with a bit more enthusiasm.

You can go to two earlier blog posts for more on my participation in Grinder:

And if you're local...come!!

3-8 pm Saturday, Jan. 9, 2010 (During Art Walk)

Nitetown located downtown Lafayette