Saturday, January 2, 2010


I've actually got some after pics! Not that they're spectacular or anything, but in the past few months I'd post befores and never come back with the afters :-/. (Cause many times I'd be so exshausted after doing a project and so sick of looking at and dealing with it that the thought of photographing outcomes didn't come until after I'd handed it over to its owner.) But at some point I do intend to get some shots of these projects I speak of.

So, I did alter the outfit from the previous post, but I didn't wear it to the Kwanzaa event here in Lafayette. Instead, I ended up wearing it to the one in Baton Rouge on this past Wednesday night.

Most of the change came in the fit. I took both the top and skirt in a good bit to give it more of a shape. Although I did appreciate the sleeves and their fullness, I always feel like that style is too much for me. I like seeing it on other people but not so much on myself. I feel so tiny and drowned out when I wear large garments or garments with exagerrated features. (But I do love the large collar.)

I turned the bottom into a more fitted pencil skirt, then, when I could barely walked, I realized I'd went overboard with the tapering of the bottom, and I'd already trimmed the seam allowances down. So I ended up having to put slits up the back as well as on both sides. Overall, I'm pleased. The shape and style is more me.


On another note, I'm going back to headless photos. Those who've been reading my blog from its beginning can probably recall a time when my face wasn't in every picture. Images were cropped from the neck down. Well, I'm going back to that for one main reasons: It takes a lot (ok...not a lot but enough) of energy to be making myself decent before taking the pictures so I won't be looking crazy. Many times I take pictures right after I've been sewing all day/night or shortly after waking. After one such session, my hair might be all over, my lips might be chapped, my eyes might be droopy or any other combination of unphotogenic (for my shop anyway) attributes.. This is not necessarily something I want to portray in my pictures. It's the difference between this...

(Had been awake for about 30 min.)

...and this.

Picasa makes it nice and neat. :-)

Happy "oh 10"!



Ms. Bar B: said...

You put a really funky twist on that outfit girl. You're right. Its soo you. That's Flytie signature =). That's a really pretty top too... is it new?

I hear ya on the faceless pics, although we all enjoy seeing your beautiful face =).

Happy New Year.

fly tie said...

thanks! :-) with the alterations i can see myself wearing on an occasional basis. while i'm not too, too big on prints, but i do like this one.

no, i made the top last spring. i'm in the process of re-freshing my etsy shop and am taing new pics of several pieces.

Anonymous said...

God,was I looking forward to see what you did with the dress!It came out really great!You're such a good seamstress :)!
I can understand the thing with the faceless pictures.Though you're beautiful!I'm the same,I want to look as fresh as possible in my pictures for the blog.
Kiss,kiss my deary :)!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Oh you totally claimed the piece! They are all you, wonderful job.

Headless shots, huh? I understand...sometimes I only lotion the one hand needed for a ring or bracelet and those neck shots...what's going on outside the lens is often comical!

Happy new day!

High Desert Diva said...

The alteration looks much more your style.

For what its worth, I've never seen a bad photo of you.

A Cuban In London said...

I loved, actually, drooled over the first one. It is absolutely breath-taking and you can see how beautiful it looks. You're a first-rate desginer and model, come to think of that. :-)

Greetings from London.