Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Domain

I recently changed the domain associated with this blog from to  I'll be using for another site that I'm working on specifically dedicated to my past and present (if any ever comes anytime soon) design work. 

Please make a note of it.

My intention is to start back blogging here pretty regularly.  The topics won't necessarily only be focused on clothing design and the like, though.  I hope to also share some of my experiences here in Hawaii as well as showcase some of my favorite work by designers/stylists of all sorts.

So, please be sure to add this new domain to your bookmarks!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Animal Spots

The other day on my Facebook page I shared a post about my efforts to learn--or re-learn--the difference in various animal prints--particularly large cats with spots.  Since we chose a name for Baby that means "Like a leopard", I figured I should really know the difference between the various prints.  Although I wasn't necessarily a fan of animal prints in the past, it turned out to be inevitable that my leopard-named child would end up with some pieces  adorned with the animal's spots.

Admittedly I'd typically just do a quick internet search in order to satisfy my query on the subject.  However, in this case it was one of Baby's books about big cats that filled me in on what I wanted to know.  While I'm sure I must have learned this information at some point in school, the book---even in it's inherent simplicity--gave me a thorough understanding of the difference in appearance of various big, wild cats.  Most notable of them are the leopard, the cheetah, and the jaguar.

Here's a quick break down to assist with distinguishing which print is which, particularly when it comes to clothing and accessories.


Leopard spots are two toned, with the overall coat color being a shade lighter than the color of the inside of the spots. 

Prints such as this can be found in a range of colors.

Now, this is also considered leopard even though the background color is the same as the color inside the spots.

Not a true representation of the print, but as a stylized design, it works. I'd be more inclined to choose this print than the one above it.  


The spots of a cheetah are simple.  They're probably more in line with what people think of when they think of spots.

If you do a search for cheetah spots, though, you'd probably come up with a whole page of results that look like the leopard print images shared above.  


I'm not sure that I've seen jaguar a whole lot or at all on fabric, but it's similar to leopard, except there are small dots inside the larger spots.

Unlike with leopard or even cheetah print, I wasn't able to find examples of this print in various colors.  It seems that designers of cat spot fabrics and graphic designers aren't too much into the jaguar look.

I've only got one leopard print garment, a dress I made when I was about 5 months pregnant...

While little Ms. Leopard Girl--who's now 8 months old--has a few, including these two hats.

I'm sure having such pieces in her wardrobe will be a constant, at least while she's young.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's Not Over

Hopefully I'll be back to my regular sewing in the next few weeks!  Last week I got some new fabric in the mail, and I'm currently online shopping for more.

My most recent sewing project was some legwarmers for Baby.

Organic Cotton and Hemp Jersey Knit Legwarmers

It's been pretty cool out here (I'd like to say cold, but something about it being Hawaii won't quite let me), and unlike pants, these make our early potty training process easier when she needs something warm on those legs.  I intend for these to last 2-3 years.

I had some help making them.


She was about to have a fit of excitement from seeing the machine go.  Hopefully she'll be just as enthused when I teach her the skill in years to come!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

New Blog!

For months now I'd been considering creating a blog where I discuss my experiences with mothering just so that I can assist and share with others who may be new parents.  Of course, seeing as how this is my first child, I can only share what I'm learning as the process progresses.
My way of doing things is sorta of rustic and definitely as natural as possible.  When I search for information online it's always nice to find a blog post or article written by someone who's also coming from that perspective. I mean, it'd not a necessity, but it is nice.
The title of the blog is Natural Baby Care and More.  I came up with the name based on the fact that my partner calls me Amma (as well as most people who know me in Hawaii), which means "born on Saturday" among the Akan people of Ghana.  Also, one of baby's middle names is "Ma'ama'ama" which is a Hawaiian word meaning to care for, nurture, tend to, etc.  So, MamaAmma--although unintentionally--is also sort of a play on that name.
Anywho, you can check it out at:
In the first post I talk about my experience being pregnant. Later today I'll be updating with some info on the noni fruit and juice, which I drank plenty of while pregnant. 
I'll be updating there more regularly since, at this time, tending to her is more relevant.  If you feel inspired to do so, enter your email address on the right side of the blog in order to receive email updates. 
Hope you join me!
Have a great week.
P.s...I'll still update here as well to share whatever may be going on in the design department.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

This & That

Lately I've been contemplating a new collection for the spring. I don't know all the details just yet, but it's slowing coming together in my mind.  Dresses.  Long dresses.
Baby turned 4 months yesterday, November 29th!  We had a pretty chill day.  She slept most of it away.

Here's a photo collage from my b-day earlier this month on the 20th.  Good times.
Have a lovely Sunday.
It's almost hard to believe that December is here. Another year gone by.
Have a great Sunday.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

More Life

Another birthday has come around.  This time it's the 32nd one.  I feel great. :-)


Earlier this week I finished an outfit created by turning one of my favorite dresses into a two-piece.

I used some of those hemp and organic cotton pieces mentioned in my last post, which matched the print fabric perfectly.   There's also a couple of pieces of dark denim in there--just some scraps left over from another project.

I got the printed dress a few years ago on clearance for $1.99 (!!!) at Macy's.  I really liked it because of the pockets and the length. After giving birth, I realized it was also great due to the front zipper, which made nursing easy.   Now, I started out only intending to repair the dress, since the zipper had broken.  In the process of removing said zipper, I ripped the dress. (Yeah.  Sometime removing a zipper without a seam ripper works.  Sometimes, not so much. :-/)  So, from then on it was all about creating something new.  There's no longer a zipper in the front, but I'm fine with that.  It's still pretty functional for what I need.


I think today will be a beach day! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday.~

Friday, November 14, 2014

In the Making

I've really been off my sewing/design flow for the past few months but am making small efforts to get back on track.  I have to admit that hasn't been the easiest thing to do.  That's not just because of baby, but also because I don't seem to feel the same strong urgency to do it the way I once did.  

Seasons change.

But the other day I finished up a skirt that's made from a dress purchased from the local thrift store.  I'd planned to wear it as a dress, but it turned out to be too small.

I used the bottom to create a simple flared skirt with an elastic waistband.  The fabric is transparent chiffon, and the dress was lined with a green polyester material.  Rather than use that, I lined the skirt with a piece of cotton that I hand-dyed with turmeric last spring.  

I did use a piece of the green lining to make the waistband, though.

I really like how easy it is to wear.


Last week I ordered a bag full of hemp and organic cotton jersey knit fabric scraps that I'll be using to make baby items.

And even though I'm struggling to get back into the groove of making garments in general, I do intend too if only on a small level.  These fabric pieces motivate me to put forth energy.  

Many times Ive contemplated making a collection of garments that use hemp and organic cotton.  This is the most of these types of materials that I've ever owned.  It could be the start of something nice.  And environmental. :-)

Have a great weekend.