Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, as you may have previously read, on March 8 I had a style show downtown as part of the local Grinder: Creative Arts Expo, which is held every 4 months. The models and I showed off many of my garments to a packed house, and it was great! I have several shots but will mostly only post those of myself to protect the innocent.

It's so funny how a camera can catch you with the funniest expression on your face. Yes. Feel free to laugh at my expense...

The, "La la la la la." look. I normally just go out barefoot, but someone had some shoes I could get my feet into. They were a 9 and fit me perfectly. I wear a 10!

The sleeper.

The, "Ok, T. Don't fall off the ramp when you're leaving the stage" look.

The, "Y'all don't want none!!" look. lol!

The near flasher shot. And of course the crowd goes wild. This ain't Bourbon Street, folks! ha ha! I don't have tops to go with some of the skirts, so we just wrapped fabric around. Apparently this time it wasn't secure enough. It's so funny that she caught this shot.

Maybe I'd said something funny on this one. Everyone's laughing, and I have one of my, "Da hell!?!?!?" looks. Oh, and check out the free from Circuit City New Amerykah tee. Much love to the sensational Erykah Badu for the wonderful new album!

I always end up modeling in my shows due to a lack of willing participants. People get so shy when you ask them to model. I don't mind, though, cause I get to show the garments the way I want them to be shown while cuttin' up with people in the crowd. I talk to people, wave at people, everything when I'm modeling.

Including me there were 6 this time around. Two of the ones who helped me out in November couldn't make it. It's always so fun since there are various other things going on. Live art (the guys painting in the background), a dj and drummers, several artists vending their goods, a very enthused audience. Just a good ol' time. Judging from my expression in most of the shots, it seems as though I was a bit perturbed. They just caught me at a bad moment, though. ;-)

The last model to the right in the final photo flew all the way from Chicago to be in my show! :-D

Ok, not really. She's the younger sister of one of my good friends who's from Chi-town but lives here now. Thankfully, she was here visiting that weekend and agreed to be in the show. She's so tiny and could fit some of my x-small garments such as this.

Thanks for the helping me out and for the photos, Nikel!! :-D You can see several more photos on the Grinder website.

Stay tuned for the July show!!