Sunday, March 16, 2008

Long Time Coming

Yes! It's true! I've created something new for my "flytie" etsy shop!

Wanna see?? Wanna see?? Wanna see??


I'm not real big on prints, but every now and then there's one that I just love. The above is an example. Another can be seen here. That fabric has been in my stash for months, cause I couldn't figure out just what I wanted to do with it. Sometime Friday, after regaining my motivation, this idea for a floor length halter dress came to me. I've always loved long dresses and will definitely be making more soon.

The top was supposed to be my size...34 inches. Sometimes my rationale for what size a garment will be is based upon whether it's one that I really wanna keep for myself. If i really love it and would really like to keep it (which I rarely do), I make it my size. ha! In the end, though, this turned out to be 36 inches up top. How that happened I do not know.

I had the hardest time finding a place to take photos in this new spot. I've never lived in a residence with so many electrical sockets! I mean, there are at least 2 on ever wall in here. That's great for someone who has a lot of stuff to plug in, but not so great for someone like me who uses the walls as a backdrop for photos and doesn't want sockets in the pictures. Since I couldn't find a big enough spot that was electrical socket free, I ended up sewing together two large pieces of muslin, pinning them over the closets in my bedroom, and voila! Instant photo shoot spot. (See these are the things you have to do when you don't have readily available models the work with, and when you just have the camera set to the self-timer and propped up on a box or something.)

I'm not that thrilled with that background, but it gets the job done. Now the issue's gonna arise when I have to take shots of white garments. I'll have to get several yards of colored material for that.

If you want to see more recent creations, check out my flickr page. You can tell the new stuff by the background.

In "sewfly" news I've decided to add some of the numerous "art tops" that I have to the etsy shop. Yeah, they were supposed to be for consignment at a couple places, but things don't always work out like they're supposed to. Now I just want them outta here! So you should get one. They're really cute. :-D


Anonymous said...

I love your new creations! Any chance that you'll be selling the latest additions on your Flickr page on either of your Etsy sites?

flytie said...

thank you! :-) only the brownish babydoll dress will go in my (flytie) etsy shop. the others will be sold locally. however, if you or anyone has interest in the blue and green dresses, just let me know. i'll also be making others in those styles for my sewfly shop

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely interested in both the blue and green dresses. The empire waist style is so cute and flattering and I enjoy how vibrant the colors are. :)

flytie said...

yes, i too love the vibrancy of those dresses. so very spring-ish. :-) send me an email at and i'll give you all the details (size, price, fit, etc), and you can determine whether or not they'll work for you. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well hello Ms. Fly, I must say I have been in and out of your entrikit, etsy and here. Forgive me for not biggin you up long ago. I love this new dress you've made. That textile is beautiful. I love long dress also, there so darn comfy.

Also, just to let you know, I am so proud of you and I pray that the desire will burn even brighter for you.



flytie said...

AbysmalSweet! thanks for your beautiful words. :-)i always enjoy reading what you have to say over at our other lurk spot, ha ha!

aren't long dresses just divine?? i always feel even more womanly when sporting one.