Sunday, November 11, 2007

"I don't think about art while I work. I try to think about life."

(Quote courtesy of Jean Michel Basquiat.)

So last night I attended and participated in the 3rd annual Lafayette Grinder Creative Arts Expo.

Definitely one of the coolest, yet most 'slept on' events of the city.

I did a style show...which I don't have pictures of. However, I do have it on dvd, so maybe I can upload some of the video one of these days.

Anyway. I managed to get some pics of the live art that was going on and the masterpieces that resulted from the genius of the artists (click images for a better view).

The guy in the blue shirt above is a friend of my manfriend's. After the style show, I came from behind the scenes and was talking with a few people. Next thing I know I look around and he's on stage painting. I'd heard he has skills in the area of drawing/painting, so it was cool to finally see his work...especially live. Kody (event organizer on the far left) was cool enough to let him go up there and do his thang.

(After viewing the DVD, I realized the second painting from the right was done by Rob as well...mentioned below. I really like that one but wasn't sure who'd created it since I was backstage.)

You can see one of Kody's awesome paintings top right and the outcome of my guy's friend's left of that.

Then there's this cool one at the bottom done by Rob which was proudly won by one of my friends in the private auction.

Oh! and then there's the lovely scarf/neck adornment that I came home with created by Roz.

(Me before going out to eat earlier...adds a lil' spiciness to the 'just thrown on' clothing articles.)

I agreed to include it in my style show, and Roz ended up letting me keep it as a token of appreciation. How cool is that??!?? (Thanks again, Roz :-D) I just love scarves and fabric and neck adornment and fabric/material/fiber being draped such as in cuteness shown above. I'm still looking forward to the day when I can get one of these from etsy.

So I'll probably wear it obsessively. Lafayette folk, you've been warned. If you see me in this on numerous occasions, don't be surprised.



narcissaqtpie said...

Love the (inspirational) quote. youtube that video I NEED to see it (please!!)

Rob Guillory said...

Yep, good times...
Can't wait for the next one to do it all over again.

flytie said...

yes. it's always a good time.

@ narcissaqtpie...chile, i can't even figure out how to save the footage to my computer, ha! it takes me a while to figure these type things out, but i'll see what i can do.