Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"It's Time You Recognize My Quality."

(significance of the title...still haven't' determined the significance of the bike in this person's video. Could be that it just is???

Well, since what I typed last night is gone, I'll see what I can recall from my last entered post.

Back in '06 I decided that I'd start having celebrations in the names of those ancestors whose contributions mean something to me. Such events would be held during the birth month of whomever (or whoever??) was being celebrated. The first event was held in honor of the legendary reggae artist Peter Tosh....who, along with Burning Spear, is one of my most favorite musicians of all time.

I had every intention of doing this again this year for Tosh, but last night when I brought it up during a conversation I was having with my manfriend, he looked at me as though I were crazy and said, "It's November." The problem, Tosh was born in October!!! (some say the 19th...others claim the 9th. i just go with the entire month) I mean...October just completely passed me by! He forgot. I forgot. What actually went on in October? It was all just a blur to me. (but this could have something to do with the fact that November is my month, and my 25th bday. is coming up in 13 days ;-)

So anyway. i was looking through my shop and realized that although I forgot to remember to have the celebration, I knew what was up subconsciously. October 12 I listed a dress which is named after a Peter Tosh song:

Stepping Razor Hoodie Dress
See more in the here.

(Oh, and one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.) :-D

Really it's the pose that inspired the name of the dress. It reminds me of his confident, "ain't takin' no stuff" mentality.

Yes, Peter Tosh is the man. I'm really moved by his music and will forever uphold his name.

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