Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wild Wild West/We Live

*Grinder was great. A success on all fronts.*

*Moving into more arenas with my sewing.*

*Been juicing like crazy. Mostly green juices. Working out some issues.*

*Have had no time to mess with my hair, so it's been wrapped up for nearly 3 wks. in various scarves.*

(Just showing off my newest one which I've been wearing out since receiving it as a gift a fews weeks ago.)

*Sending my love and support to those in Haiti.*

*Being so in love with Sade's new song.*



Ms. Bar B: said...

Great wrap! I really need to invest in some pretty scarves or some fabric and get with the program. They are such versatile accessories!

Glad to hear that things went well for you at your event.

A Cuban In London said...

I love that headwrap. It's gorgeous and it looks great on you, too.

About the title 'The Scent of Green Papaya',let's just say that in Cuba we never stopped cracking up when the film was shown at the Latin American Film Festival.

You see, 'papaya' is slang for female genitalia in Cuban Spanish.

Greetings from London.

fly tie said...

@ cuban ahhhh! and i have to admit that my mind unconsciously drifted that way for a split second!

@ mrs. bar b--thank you! yeah, i wear this one on my head, around my neck, as a skirt/dress around the house. i always like pieces that you can get more than one use out of.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Lovely headwrap, the colors are great! My mom is an avid headwrapper, especially during winter months pre-locs when her head was shaven.

Good deal on your sewing ventures and a successful event!

(I thik a juice fast is imminent, I've been sluggish lately...still holiday foods hungover *shakes fist at bad carbs*)


Hot scarf...I know, I'm luvin' Sade's new song too...cant't wait for the CD to drop...I will be in Target picking it up during the first week...I haven't done that since...hum, can't even remember when since music is free all day long on the internet...but, I gotta support a creative sister and I need the tunes in the car...Glad to see your show was a success...keep it up...

JASMINA said...

Hi Fly Tie :o),
I was thinking about you last Saturday and I'm glad to hear all went well with your show on the Grinder.Any pictures my dear :)?
Sooo Sade releases a new album?I didn't know about that,but it makes me happy.I liked her so much and the fact that she has a new album coming up gives me a sense of continuation.Plus,I like this new song :)!
You know,you're one pretty lady with that scarf and one can see that you eat healty foods like juices because you have a very good skin.
Ha,ha,ha Fly Tie :D ... papaya (blushing,blushing =) ) ... in Slovenia we sometimes call it plum =).Got to make a fruit sald of papaya and plums in its honor :D!Or juice :D!
Have a good week!XO

JASMINA said...

Also thank you for remembering Haiti!