Friday, June 11, 2010

Give It Time

Depending on how long you've been reading my blog you may remember this dress (and the blog post that accompanied its production. Yes, the dress is two yrs. old, and I still have it!!! It's pure torture, I tell ya.)

Being modeled in a fashion show out in LA sometime last year or in '08. This is another one that's been all over, adored, yet still wants to stay with me in the end.
Well, anyway. That one gave me so much trouble during production that I swore I'd never make a chiffon dress ever again. At least not one with an uneven hem and that required more than the insertion of some elastic around the bust to make it wearable.
That was until I got a convo on Etsy with a request for that exact style (and fabric) but in green. Of course, I agreed to do it.

The chiffon was tricky to work with as expected, but It wasn't nearly as troublesome as the orange one. I suspect that's because I'd done it before. Creating that orange dress was a new endeavor for me. I'm completely self taught in dealing with tricky fabric like this as well as knits, and the self-teaching/learning process can sometimes be a pain. Thankfully, though, once I get it, it's not so bad.

Beyond that, back in December I mentioned that I--along with the lady I was living with at the time--would be starting a sewing program in one of the local housing communities. Well, it was supposed to begin in January, but due to delays with the building renovations, etc., here it is June and we still haven't got it kicked off. It's should be up and running within the next 1-2 months, though.
Here are some shots taken while we were over at the facility the other day.

Seeing as how I'm of the resourceful, "green", recycle persuasion, the first objects that caught my eye upon entering were the two large shool desks pictured above. My first thought, "Cutting tables for the students!!" (Well, actually that was after this thought: "Hmmm, I wonder if they'll let me have one of those to use at home?") We learned later that the tables were just there being stored unless we could use them somehow for the school. We most certainly can!! That will be one less thing that we'll need them to purchase--which could further delay the process. And they're the perfect size.
I'm looking forward to getting in there and bringing some life and creativity to the space.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Two years?! Nuts. I tell you, we do this because we have to...nothing else about living creatively makes sense. The dress is gorgeous, both of them-of course I'm partial to all things green!

The space is going to be so awesome, I bet you're excited. Let me know if you will be decorating, I'm sure I have some collages and other papery goodness around here that are well over 2 years old!

Have a fabulous weekend.

fly tie said...

woohoo! will do!

i love your paper goods. (as i'm sure i've expressed somewhere before.)

and i agree with those sentiments. exactly.

boatx2 said...

A facility! So exciting! Cutting tables? Um, yes please.

We'll be holding our technological breaths waiting for the next move in and start-up photos!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I love the dress. I am glad that you have gotten a handle on how to deal with chiffon, so that we can see more from you.

I am excited about this new sewing space. I didn't realize it was a build out. I thought it taking place in an existing place.

Emma's Mom said...

Funny how things just hang around huh? I still have two blankets that no one has shown any interest in, BUT, I'm currently working on a custom order as well. I think the orange is fab.

Hope things move right along on your space so that you can get it up and running. I'm sure its gonna be just as great as the sewing class that you taught =)

Newness of Life said...

When my shop was open it as if my in stock items served as inspiration for custo$m orders. Both dresses are beautiful. And I'm so proud of all the work you do.