Sunday, May 23, 2010

Holding On

I've got four dresses that just don't want to release the grip that they've been having on me/my inventory of garments for, in one case, going on 2 years now!!!


I mean, I know they love me and I love them, but they must understand that there comes a time when they have to leave the closet on go on to be the wonderfully cute and colorful garments that they are while in the embrace/on the body of someone who appreciates their individuality and adorable nature just as much as I do. Of course they are my babies, and no one could ever understand the level of connectivity that we have. However, I'm certain that these fancy dresses will find just as much love and admiration in the possession of another.

"Spell on You"

Many of these vary garments are well traveled and have months of experience under their...threads. They've been placed in stores from here to California. Yet, even in all their cuteness and even with all the words of praise they receive from potential owners, they return to me, ever so happy and smug.

From time to time I end up with these types. The garments who just don't wanna turn me loose! They watch as their peers are created, photographed, uploaded, sold, shipped one after the other. Yet, they, these hangers-on, literally hang idly by trying to apprear less apparent in the closet which is their home. They're content to be pushed further and further back as new items are added in the hopes that they'll go unnoticed and have the opportunity to be with me well into my later years.


I find them out, though, and pull them kicking and screaming (err...bustling their material) out into the open, letting them know that their day is soon approaching. They must know that they too will soon be neatly folded, wrapped in tissue paper, and ever so gently slid into one of those brown, bubbled evelopes just as they've witnessed this happen to their brothers and sisters.

Oh yes, my loves, your days with me are numbered. Soon you will be purchased and sent out into the world so that you may reach your fullest potential. A potential not likely to be realized if you're here with me never being worn. It'll be tough once that moment comes. You just might shed a few fibers. Trust me, though, we'll all benefit in the end.




Emma's Mom said...

Those are some beautiful dresses! You are one talented woman. I love how comfortable your dresses always look. I can't wait to have me some spending money because I wanna spend it on some Fly Tie Clothing =)

Newness of Life said...

I remember all of those dresses. And they are all some of my faves. I don't think I can fit any of those tho :( Yet they are, indeed, beautiful!

Then I Got Fat said...

I love 'Baby Girl' Very pretty! You are very talented.

Chic Therapy said...

all dresses are baeutiful