Sunday, May 16, 2010

Food, Nature, Love, Life!

You may be able to tell from words that I drop here and there on my blog that I'm of the vegan, whole foods persuasion. I've been this way for the past 7 years and have read/heard lectures on/spoken about just about everything that can be read/heard/talked pertaining not only to eating but also living wholistically. Even still, there are times that I'm at a complete loss as to what to eat and what to buy to cook. I'm quick to resort to simply fruits and veggies during these times (and really, most times), especially when many of the recipes that I may turn to to get me out a cooking rut contain ingredients that I don't have on hand and likely won't anytime soon.
This is one of the primary reasons while I'm now a big advocated of my sistafriend Janine's Jackson recent publication, the Yum Facilitation Guide.

This guide contains an array of information for those wishing to eat a plant-based diet without relying on soy products. It's a wonderful collection of tips and straight forward ways in which you can create wonderfully delicious and wholistic dishes for you and/or your family. The absolute best aspect of it for me is that I'm not intimidated or overwhelmed by her list of ingredients on any given recipe. I can go in the kitchen right now and make just about every one of the dishes offered in the "cookery," section. Within an hour after reading through it the first time, I went and made the yellow rice and prepared the olive oil spread. Today I'll make the creamy collards and the avocado ice cream. Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm!
Another of the many great qualities that I appreciate about the text is that she wasn't afraid to list on her sample menu foods that people don't usually assoiciate with breakfast. For instance, kale and chickpea soup--both of which she gives recipes for--are suggested as breakfast items. Readers are encouraged to be creative in their everyday eating.
These are just some points from the guide that really appeal to me. Other included information ranges from a breakdown of forms of grains that are uncommon to purchasing tips for organic foods. The Yum Facilitation Guide is very reader friendly and comes complete with various images of dishes that reflect the many recipes offered. If you're interested in eating a natural and rich diet of delicious whole foods, I highly recommend this guide.
You can visit Janine's blog at and learn more about how you can purchase your copy at I know you'll be glad you did!
Speaking of wholistic living, yesterday was a very fun, nature-filled day for me. In addition to attending a food show at one of the local farmer's market, I also went on a nature walk at a local park. Here are some shots:

Speaking of Ms. Janine Jackson, it's her artwork that I'm wearing in this shot. Check out the "Plantfolk" tee here.

Nature is absolutely phenomenal!


Recently I re-photographed a dress made late lasr year.

I'm intending to have some new items really soon...



Harvest Girl~ said...

yes nature is beautiful.~ thanks for the guide checking it out now!~

Newness of Life said...

Thanks for the tip on the book! I want to check it out. I've been on a slight meat kick since becoming pregnant and I'm hoping to ween myself off after baby comes since my son doesn't like meat anyway and I don't plan on feeding baby any meat for at least her first year. I think a recipe guide like this would be a great jump start!

A Cuban In London said...

What a coincidence! You and I blogging about food almost simultaneously. And going to extremes, like two Scorpios. :-) You of the vegan variety, me of the carnivore tye. Never mind. I like all kinds of foods. Love the dress, especially because it's black (unless I've gone colour-blind, in which case, I apologise). It goes well with your headwrap.

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.