Friday, May 7, 2010


I mentioned that from time to time I do contract sewing for a local monogramming/screenprinting/etc. shop--mainly attaching patches to various company uniforms. Very basic, mundane work. Well, I'd been using a regular "home" sewing maching (a Bernina--my love :-), but that kinda gave out this past Monday (and interfering with the deep affection I have for that brand of machines just a tad bit :-/ ). After trying to get two other machines to work with no luck, my last resort was to get on the industrial machine they have there. Mind you, I'd never sewn on one in my life and only had stories from others to rely on to give me an idea of how they operate--"fast", "furious", "scary", "watch your fingers!!", etc. etc. etc.

This machine hadn't been used by anyone at the company...mostly because there's only one other person there who sews, and she didn't want to fool with it. The company owner had been wanting it to be used...mostly because she paid a good bit for it. However, the machine just sat there.

That was, until I got on it.

Y'all. I swear. It's like my world of sewing has meaning now, lol! I absolutely love that machine. There are times when I have the pedal of my home machine and other machines I sew on down to the floor wishing they had more power to go. It's like they just can't go fast enough for me at times. Well, now I see what it can be like, and it's strange readjusting back to a regular machine. Those red coveralls you see piled up on the side were to get 4 patches sewn on each (usually 6), and on that industrial machine I whipped through them like it was nothing. The whole "machine built into a table" feature is great for that type of work since it doesn't move all over (like the regular machine) when I'm turning the coveralls, shirts, or whatever other bulky item that I'm sewing patches onto. The sad part is that it too sorta gave out on me. Something started happening with the thread tension the second day I was on it, but hopefully it'll be fixed by the time I return.

Heaven! Somehow some way, I've got to get one in my home. I probably don't need one for the type of sewing I do on a refular basis, but still. Gotta have it!


The first day I sewed on the industrial machine, I had one of my favorite tunes in my head:

Cause to wanna go even faster!


Harvest Girl~ said...

girl.. .I know how u feel.. once in the bahamas had some freelance at a sewing company that industriual machine look so scary girl.. I toke the work home... now you make me wanna go try it out~

hiphophunter1689 said...
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