Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are You Sheer????

What a week/weekend!! Last Wednesday, 21, kicked off this year's Festival International here in town, and anyone who has been reading my blog long enough likely has an idea of how much I look forward to this event

You can read my previous raves about festival here, here, here, and here.

This year I enjoyed such performers as Steel Pulse, Los de Abajo, Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars ,and Taj Weeks and Adowa. I even grooved to some Zydeco with Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band. Having lived in Southwest Louisiana for nearly 9 years (with a brief period of absence), zydeco music has really had to grow on me. It's not a form of music I grew up with and definitely took some getting used to. One thing I can say about it, though, is that it's danceable, and it's really hard to not dance when you hear it enough. Since I enjoy dancing, it was only a matter of time before it pulled me in. There are certainly songs or artists that can keep my attention. Some of it starts to just sound like noise after a while.

But last Wednesday night I was moved to go downtown and here the band live (for the first time), and had a really good time. The space was packed and the whole crowd was grooving. Loved it! I've yet to learn how to Zydeco--verb (love this one)--although a certain somebody has attempted to teach me. Synchoronized dancing or dancing with steps has always proven to be a challenge for me, since I tend to want to just break out doing my own thing, ha! I like the way it looks, though.

There were several acts that I missed during festival due to schedule conflicts, but I thoroughly enjoyed all the shows that I was able to attend.
The two dresses shown here are my most recent creations. Lately I've been into sheer/see-through fabric and creating simple dresses from it. Both the brown and the blue materials which these dresses are made from have been in my stash for nearly a year. I purchased them knowing that I wanted to turn them into something, though I wasn't sure what. These simple styles seem to suit them well. I'd actually like to keep the blue one for myself, but alas, it's being offered to the public via my Etsy shop. :-)


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Sounds like fun! I LOVE dancing. I'm with you on breaking out and doing my own thing, but I could literally spend hours watching ballroom and any other tightly choreographed dancing-especially men. The gentleman in the video with the hat (straw, I believe) was too smoothe!

I like the flowy blue dress, i see why you're tempted to keep it.

Natasha said...

I love the first dress, it's so beautiful. You've got skills!

Emma's Mom said...

Those are some beautiful pieces. They look extremely comfortable! The event sounds like it was a lot of fun. Music is the one thing that has the power to bring people together in such a beautiful way =).

boatx2 said...

So many music recommendations in one post! I will definitely have to check them out; because who doesn't love new music and new artists and good new feelings of new music from new artists?

Zydeco??? I have never heard of it before! --But I live in the California Bay Area and, though practically our own country, this state, we can be nearly oblivious to every day life around this nation. Especially when it comes to artistic/cultural matters.

P.s. Love dress number one! Simply, simply stunning.