Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to Me

Wooooooooooooooooooooo!! Over the past week I've managed to turn out a few new pieces.

(And, as you can see, so are photos with some face. Or maybe just for these, since I was so excited to have made new items. We'll see how I feel.)

All of these pieces are on Etsy .

Hmmmm..what shall be next?????.....?????


One of my favorite songs is relevant (enough) for this post. I'll let the love interest be fabric, ha!

*Side Note*

One of my favorite movies is The Long Kiss Goodnight, and I could have sworn that the above song by Celine Dion was on that soundtrack. That doesn't appear to be the case, though. Maybe I've been connecting the two due to subject matter and the fact that I'm a fan of both. But I could have sworn this song was somehow associated with that film.

Ah well. I'm known to make such incorrect associations on occasion. :-)



Manecoarse said...

Ahhh, gorgeous spring/summer clothing. So refreshing. Your hair is growing. It is so full and pretty.

boatx2 said...

I think I have pretty much decided we need to be best friends:

1). Dress #1 and Skirt #1 are sOo cute, I can't even stand it. I haven't graduated to manhandling knits yet, so I always stand in awe when I see Jersey turned into clothes.

2. I'm not the only person has to collect all my thoughts/impulses before I say MUSLIN?!?!?!

3. That quote also spoke very deeply to my soul. I'm not copper-toned; I'm more mochachino -smirks- but the way she spoke reminded me of the way Native Americans describe color: the Cherokee have no word for the word 'red'. Instead, when they refer to it, they say, "This thing is the color of the blood that runs through me."

They and Clark recognize that the things we create and interact with are connected to everything we are as people.

Thanks for always being so encouraging! ^_^

A Cuban In London said...

Wow! Second and last pieces top to bottom are both killers. Sorry, they are KILLERS. Model and designs. A welcome sight for sore eyes after a fourteen-hour flight. :-)

Greetings from London.

fly tie said...

@ manecoarse--thank you! there are times i feel like taking scissors and clippers to it, ha!

@ boatx2--ahhh yes!! i agree. :-) if only on the muslin/muslim matter alone, lol!

as far as knits, i'm self-taught with those and still get intimidated/aggrivated with them!!!!!

and you're welcome. you inspireme greatly. :-)

@ cuban you make me blush. :-) get yourself some rest!