Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, I'm lacking good fabric and fresh ideas. So, lately I've been focusing on unfinished projects or items that I can perhaps rework.
I started this dress last September and recently finished it up. All it needed was the skirt added, and I'm not sure why I didn't do that back then.

This skirt was actually completely finished earlier this year, but I think I was contemplating whether or not I liked the fluted-like hem. (A feature that wasn't done on purpose. That's one of the many possible characteristics of knit fabric.)

(So funny. I have all sorts of things right around the area where I take photos. The jump rope still made it in this time despite my cropping efforts...bottom right.)
After months of consideration, I decided that I do like the hem and have decided against trimming it off.
The skirt has a "fabric cousin" (same material used for both) which is in my shop.
I've got some custom order in the works...
Woooo! Gonna watch Sister Act II on t.v. tonight mainly so I can hear my beloved Lauryn Hill right here:

Also, today on Facebook my blogger/internet buddy T. Allen-Mercado made reference to an oldie but greaty, and I've been singing it all day. (My album is so old and played out that
I barely get any sound out of it these days. Need to get a new one.)

I was so excited to here it on a local station recently along with

I was very elated to be listening to the radio on those days.

I figure the folks at the station must be missing her like I am.

Man I love this woman. Even still! We go way, way back.


(I'm sure I've done a post similar to this before about her. What can I say, though?!?!?...)



boatx2 said...

I love the way the tube dress hangs and that magenta-y color looks sO good on you!

If I only had money.......*sigh

(p.s. did I ever tell you that I've been obsessing about your black floor-length maxi dress in your etsy shop for like three months? One of these days, I just may make something so fantastic. I hope, my friend, I hope. ^_^)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Oh I wish I had a free moment to work on something old or new. I'm not very organized "up top" these days. I feel a fast and some new incense coming on...

I love the fluted hem-I'm glad you kept it, it gives the skirt some playful personality!

Emma's Mom said...

Great pieces. As always, they look extremely comfortable! You have a great musical line up happening here. I have Sweetest Thing in rotation on my ipod =)

Newness of Life said...

I miss Lauryn too. I have a Pandora station dedicated to her. And I'm loving the pieces as always. Hopefully once I get back to work I can treat myself to something in your shop!