Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun with Fabric

Yesterday was day one of my fashion styling class. This year I had a smaller class of girls ages 11-13. For one of our activities, we styled outfits for each other (over the ones we were already wearing) using fabric pieces and scraps from my stash along with various trims. A few photos.

Group photo after everyone had been styled. Yes, I needed to protect my own identity as well, ha ha!

My partner and I. We styled each other. Can you tell her favorite color is blue? :-)

This was one of my favorites done by the girl in the group photo to the far right wearing the gold. She worked with the black pleated skirt that her partner was already wearing to come up with this lil ensemble. The designer of this is a true artistic genius. I wish I'd taken a picture of a drawing she did during one of our other activities.

Our second and final class will be next Saturday, and I've gotta come up with more for us to do. It's always so interesting being around girls in that age see them still growing yet already having a defined personality.

In other news, Grinder was canceled, so there was no fashion show. Actually, I was doubting that I'd do a show if the event had taken place as schedule. I just wasn't feeling it. But it's a misfortune that the show couldn't go on as planned. Hopefully another spot can be found that's just as cool. I really, really like the concept.

So in sewing news, I haven't worked on anything lately, but I intend to start on something new tonight. Be back soon!


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