Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still World

The other morning I woke up at about 5:18 am from the most stressful dream. My eyes just suddenly popped open, and I laid there looking at the wall for a few minutes. Then an internal dialogue ensued between what seemed like two opposing voices. It went something like this:

voice 1: get up and go walking

voice 2: what?? walking?? it's still dark!

voice 1: just get up, and do it.

voice 2: where am I gonna walk? this ain't really a walk-friendly neighborhood.

voice 1: just go.

voice 2: but, but, but!!.

voice: just get up, put something, on and go.

So, at about 5:45 am, I was out the door. At first I was walking aimlessly around. I live in a more..i guess...industrial area. There are a lot of businesses like car dealerships, hardware stores, auto shops, wood shops, metal shops, etc. People around here make things.

I wanted to see something else, though, so finally I got the idea to go walk over to a nearby neighborhood that I've always admired for it's peacefulness and abundance of trees. Well, it turned out to be very enjoyable, and I'm so glad I listened and went. Every morning since then I've been out the door at about 5:50 am for a morning stroll.

Today I took the camera along to get a few shots. (Apparently I'm pretty decent at inside photography but not outside photography, so these aren't the best.)

Trees at the police station.

Tree lined street.

Oh, the picture does it no justice! I've long been a fan of this house/tree combination. They're both just so nice and calming.

Back to "my side." See the drastic decrease in trees?

View from the end of the street I live on. You can see a train passing in the background.

So there you have it. I've always enjoyed talking walks, but ironically it never occurred to me to get up early and do it. I've always taken walks in the afternoon/evening time, but there's something so special about walking early in the morning when things are fresh and new and most movement is coming from nature.

Despite the lack of trees and other natural elements in my own neighborhood, I really like this area I live in. There's something very "broken in" about it all. Plus, considering that I'm a maker of things as well, I guess I fit in quite nicely.

Speaking of making things, I finished up another "tisa" style dress yesterday.

tisa dress remix

Each time I make one of these, I love the style more and more.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!


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