Thursday, July 17, 2008


New dreeeeeess!!!

(You can't tell from the photo, but the dress is pinstriped.)


This shiny, slippery, acetate-ish fabric sat on my shelf for the longest, and I finally got around to doing something with it. Part of figuring it out what it would be was brainstorming ideas for a style of dress (the above style) that I'm considering making for myself for an upcoming wedding that I'll attend in Atlanta. I want something simple, in a single color that I can spruce up with nice shoes and accessories (and a bangin' "hair do"...which in my world means a wild 'fro or something of the sort). That's pretty much how I dress: basic garments jazzed up with other things.

I think I take for granted sometimes that I can just go in there and make me something to wear. It's become second nature. I don't even know the last time I went to a "regular" store and bought clothes. Most everything I wear is thrifted or comes from my "sewing lab" as something made from scratch or something that was reconstructed in some way. Now, I don't make nearly as many of my own clothes as a lot of people think. The majority of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores. However, my intention is to make myself a new wardrobe for this upcoming trip. We'll see.


nicaeli said...

Looks great, what a pretty color!

Patrizia said...

Well that's fantastic that you make your own clothes! WOW! They look great too! I wish I could :(

Psyche said...

That looks great!!!!