Sunday, May 4, 2008

Multiple Tings A Gwan

(For those of you who need an idea of what the title's about )

Well, this past week has been pretty slow as far as creating new garments goes, but I did work on quite a few things. First, you may recall from a previous post that I did some custom work for someone on etsy. After receiving the skirt and trying it out, she was pleased but wished the waistband had little more stretch to it in case she grows. Instead of having her just "deal with it" (which she suggested..she's a sweetie), I just made another one, cause that's just how i do :-)...

(sorry for the blurry photos.)

This one is made of knit rather than woven fabric and has a bit more flow to it. Plus the waistband stretches much wider.

Next may also recall from a previous post that a couple weeks ago I was in the process of creating an outfit for myself to wear to the local international festival
which was to include a lime green mini halter top. Well, I did finally finish the top...

but decided not to wear it.

Instead I sported this...

Hand stenciled "Burning Spear" tank top and rasta sarong (which serves as a covering for my bedroom windows by night.) And no I'm not a rasta for those who are wondering, but I really dig many of the principles of the culture.

Now this was specifically for the Burning Spear concert which took place last Sunday. (I loooooooooove me some Spear, and roots reggae and general.) I figured this was a better choice considering that I normally get really hype at concerts...*especially* at a Burning Spear concert...and that green chiffon might not have faired too well with all the dancing, sweating, and carrying on. Oooh! and you know I had a fantastic time. :-D (Anyone reading this who was near me at the front can testify to that, ha!)

In other festival news, that Saturday myyyyyyy.....manfriend's mother--or my "mother-in-law" or "future mother-and-law" as some humorously call her--and I went out there during the day so she could look around. Although she's lived here for years (originally from Mississippi), she'd never gone to the festival. Well, that day she really wanted to go but didn't want to go alone. Her husband was out of town and her other son who's local and his girlfriend just weren't into it. The son of hers who's my main squeeze had to work and probably wouldn't have gone with her if he didn't have to. (Apparently even at 28, almost 29 yrs. of age, it's not cool to be seen with your mother out and about, lol!)

So we went, and she ended up buying a nice dashiki dress...

Considering that she's only about 5 feet tall, it was way too long. She was worried that it couldn't be adjusted without losing the decorative banding at the bottom. Of course I had to remind her that she was standing next to the number one garment re-constructor in the land..or at least in Lafayette....well, at least on my block, ha ha! So after a little cutting and readjusting, the above is now...

We'll, make that drive out to their home in the country today to give it to her. Hopefully she'll be pleased.

And lastly, I finally decided one what type of closure I'd use on the custom gray shrug that I previously wrote about. I ended up sewing a snap closure to the inside. I was trying to avoid anything on the outside that'd be too showy and possibly clash with whatever accessories she's decide to wear with the shrug on any given day.

You can see part of the silver snaps showing through which I think looks pretty spiffy.

That's pretty much it. Currently I'm working on a t-shirt design for a spoken word artist friend of mine who has an event coming up that she needs some fly gear for. I'll be sure to post the outcome.



Anonymous said...

The waistband of the black skirt is very pretty and complex! I love your new line of halter tops (perfect for the warmer weather) and the fact that you made your own outfit for the Burning Spear concert. :) I'm sure that your future mother-in-law will really enjoy what you've done with her daishiki dress.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know why I haven't found your shop until now. I just fav'ed it :)