Sunday, May 18, 2008

Color me HAPPY! :-D

So in last Sunday's post ,I mentioned that by this weekend I was gonna finish up a dress I'd been working on for my sewfly shop. Well, guess what?? I actually did (although it wasn't til yesterday)! :-D

I'm so very pleased with this dress that I don't know what to do. It just makes me happy. Yes, it's true that I've done one similar to this before, but for some reason I was just overcome with joy when this one was finished.

Also, I whipped up a sexy lil number from some pink knit material I found at a thrift shop.

At first there was no elastic around the bust, but I decided to go back and add some. It's so annoying (to me) to be wearing a tube top and have to keep pulling it up every few minutes. After finishing this garment and testing it out (by walking around the house in it for a few minutes), I realized that it was prone to that malfunction since it's a pull over and has no zipper. So now with the elastic, the dress stays up with no problem. You can dance, turn flips, run, a whatever else you wanna do without worrying whether or not your "goods" will be exposed.

You may have heard (read) me say that I've never been big on pink. But this is some good fabric, and I won't even mention how much I got it for ;-). I've never been one to pass up nice material at a low price solely based on its color. Although I'm an earth tone kinda girl myself (but I have been wearing a bit more color these days...still no pink though, ha!), I know others like a bright wardrobe.

Oh! I'm on my way to add these to the shop right now. The turquoise one might take longer, cause I can't think of a name for it. Hmmm...


Connie a.k.a The Tiny Fig said...

love the blue dress :)

fly tie said...

thank you! they're very fun to make