Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No More Dawanda...

For now anyway. The one item I had listed there really wasn't the style I want portrayed on that particular site, so I removed it and took the outfit to the local boutique where my items are sold. I'll work new items for Dawanda later....just not feelin' it right now.

In other news, I'm so irritable today, and it's all because of some orange chiffon fabric. Everyone who's called me today can hear it in my voice. ( Compare this to Sunday when I was all cheerful. :-/)

I've been working on a chiffon dress aaaallllllllllllll day and the thing is driving me crazy. No let me correct that, I've been working on the hem of the dress all day. The rest of the dress was finished yesterday, but for some reason this hem is not cooperating. And to make things worse, I've used up all the matching thread, so now I can't finish it til I go get more. It's too hot outside, I don't feel like driving in this lunatic traffic waaaay to Joann's, and right now my car is probably on "E". I'm not in the mood (now or never) to give any of these petroleum corporations any more of my money so they can do whatever it is they gotta do to get the resource they need to generate more funds and live it up while I just try to make it by employing my skills and creative capacity.

See how everything is related?

All that said, Whenever I get done with this dress, I don't want to work with chiffon again for a long time. Hate to say that, cause it's such a beautiful fabric, and I'd love to make a lot more summer dresses from it. But sometimes I swear those little fibers must conspire and say, "Ok, y'all. The goal for today it to drive Tiesha up the wall, mwwaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!!" as a payback for me cutting them up and sewing them back together. :-/

Well, since I don't have a garment picture for today, I'll post these that I took yesterday. This is the view behind my place which I'm gonna work on cleaning up and turning into some form of organic garden. I'm all about self-sustainability and growing my own food! (Don't ask about my tomato plants that ended up dying due to neglect.)

And here's the kumquat tree the I need to go pluck the remainder of the fruit from.

I think I'll go do that now. Nature can always brighten my spirits. Plus, today is what would have been my beloved grandmother's 79th b-day so while out there I'm gonna honor her legacy among the lovely naturalness. I feel better already. :-D

Have a wonderful day/week.

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