Wednesday, December 12, 2007


If you've been to my shop lately, then you've probably noticed a new section for skirts priced at $30 and under. Cute ones, too, such as this hot lil red number.

I was going through my scraps as mentioned in a previous post and realized that I have a lot of pretty large pieces that could be made into whole opposed to the patchwork pieces that I intend to make beginning sometime soon. I have no particular attachment or other use for these material pieces, (plus I really need to free up some of my space), so the whole $30 thing seemed like a good idea to me.

Although they're really simple, they're stylish AND of the same superb quality characteristic of all my garments. I know some people tend to equate low cost with low quality, but don't be fooled now. ;-).

So yeah, transitions. I'm trying to figure out where I'm gonna go with my 'flytie' etsy shop. A more uniform look has been heavy on my mind lately. I enjoy making garments of various styles and textures. It's just that online clothing shopping is sorta tricky for some folk, and it may be more beneficial for me to create a line of garments where it wouldn't be difficult for potential buyers to determine whether their purchases will fit them correctly once the garments arrive.

I've got a few ideas in mind, but I can't reveal all my plans, ha ha! :-)

It was really the shop of Treehouse28 that got me thinking about this some months ago. Her work is really nice....and consistent. Plus I just admire her in general (so you can image how thrilled I was to receive a very positive message from her on day ) :-D

I notice that a lot of the clothing designers who have consistent sales on etsy have a certain look. I don't feel that I have that. I'm sorta all over the place...mostly letting the fabric determine what the garment will be. This is just something I've been thinking of, cause shoot..I wanna have 3 + sales a day too, instead of...maybe....3 a month. Although this month has been straight so far between my two shops. :-)

Now, I'll still do all the different styles and things for the boutiques where I sell locally, since folk can try them on and determine whether or not they'll work. Online just may become something else, though.

Only a few things I'm thinking of...may or may not happen ;-)


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PamperingBeki said...

Goodness, what cute things you have! I'm glad I found your store.