Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Just Bees and Thangs and Flowers."

Y'all may have seen the message in the announcement section of my 'sewfly' etsy shop that goes something like this:

***NOTE: I am in the process of slowly phasing out 'sewfly'. As a result you'll find that most items in this shop have been reduced by 50%. Those garments that have not been reduced *will not* be reduced. If they have not sold by the time I decide 'sewfly' is officially done, I'll either keep them for myself or give them to friends and family. :-D***

O.k., well, I've rethought this and have decided to keep it open.

I really enjoy creating wearable art such as the pieces displayed in that shop. I had decided to shut it down, though cause...well, I'm not exactly certain why. Something about wanting to focus more on my other shop...not wanting to have 2 'brands'....not wanting to mix in the colorful pieces with the others....basically just a whole bunch of reasons that at the end of the day are insufficient.

Plus people who appreciate what I do in that shop have shown objection to it shutting down. :-) I appreciate the love, y'all.

Bright colors, painting, pretty things, stenciling...I have so much of that in me, and the clothes serve as my canvas. I wanna keep 'sewfly' as an outlet to share that with others. It's funny cause my own wardrobe consists mainly of various shades of browns and greens. I'm not likely to wear the majority of the pieces that I create for that shop. Still, it's all so very fun, and quite honestly, I think that shop is a better fit for etsy than my other.

Now the items that are there on clearance will remain until they sell or expire. At this point everything has been reduced. Time for some freshness. Sometime this week I'll start uploading newly created pieces. Want a sneak peek???

Yeah, that's all you get, ha ha! It should be up soon...



Breath of Light said...

I'm madly in love with that Jayla dress! I've got my eyes and heart set on it. I need to sell a few more crochet items and it's MINE!!! I'm glad you're keeping both shops open. They both have a distinct vibe that needs to continue. Blessings!

Saquathih Love said...

I am so happy you decided to keep that site.. Wearable art is wonderful... and such a inspiration.