Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank You, Blogger Folk

Despite all that stuff I read about Blogger Support not wanting to help people who'd (accidentally) deleted their blog, I got a simple little email the other day telling me that mine had been restored! :-)

And since I immediately created this one and reclaimed the 'flytie' web address so no one else would, it's now located at a new address. So here ya go, if you wanna read the old stuff and the cool comments.

So yeah. Now I have two blogs on here, but I'll stick to posting in this one.

In other news, I heard "Understanding" by Xscape today for the first time in like...forever!! Maaaaaaan...that used to be the song. And fully clothed in the video?? They don' t (in many cases) make 'em like they used to. This was my jam, too.

That got me started thinking about Total. Yep. The goodness. Ok. one more. (and I had no clue that Keisha from the group is married to Omar Epps.)

But yeah. I'll definitely have to break out the 'ole school' 90's R&B this weekend.

Now, on to what I was supposed to get into right after the blogger stuff. (Youtube is such a distraction).

I made a skirt out of a strip of scrap fabric I found....left over from this dress. I think it's pretty cute.

I'll add it to etsy soon.

It's about time for me to turn my scraps into wearables , which became my end of the year ritual last year. Whatever scraps are left over from material I bought throughout the year get turned into a dress..or...two...or maybe three. I've got a whole lotta scraps.

From last year:

You can see the back here.

Then there's the tunic I made earlier this year (top portion is scraps):

Check it out here.

Then there's this top with the sleeves made from left over fabric:

As seen here.

And then there's the one made for myself (which I rarely do):

Yes, yes. Fun stuff. Tedious at times, but fun. Plus, it prevents so much waste.

I'll be coming up with something else soon. Just not sure exactly what....

Later, y'all.

*Curious as to why my Weather Bug is showing the temperature as 115 degrees.....hmmmmm.*