Friday, December 14, 2007

This is What It's Come To

This past November made five years that I've had my beloved Brother sewing machine. In those five years, never have I had to change the light bulb. Not once. Well, last night when I flicked on the switch to finish up some thing I'd been working on, I got that quick flash, then nothing. You know how it does when a light bulb has run its course.

So the above picture was the scene this morning when I was finishing up the hem on a dress. At first I thought the light coming through the windows would be enough for me to see what I was doing. However, it's gloomy today, and after sewing for a minute or so, it hit me that I in fact wasn't sewing the edge of the hem. I was missing it completely and was just sewing on the skirt. The line was so straight, too, man! Alas, it was ripped out and redone with my trusty desk lamp in place.

In the process of ripping out and redoing, I had flashbacks to being in design class and being told on various occasions to rip out a sleeve/zipper/hem/seam and do it again. It wasn't flat enough...straight enough....close enough to the edge.....wide enough....thin enough....smooth enough.....IT JUST WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH!! ha ha! I've come a long way, y'all. :-)

I'll have to blog about my design school experiences soon.

(*Note: there must be a shortage or something, cause the sewing machine light will come on at times.)

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Azmera Love said...

the owes of the sewing machine drama... continue to inspire.

One love