Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Lesson in Patience

Yesterday morning between 8:30 and 8:45 I heard a loud destructive noise, sorta like what a large object like a refrigerator might sound like if it were falling down a flight of stairs. Not until about 9:30 did I discover what it was. It had been raining, and apparently the very minimal amount of lightning that was going on hit this tree and snapped it in half. I live behind that house on the left, and that driveway is my only way in or out via car. Thankfully I had nowhere to go, cause I knew it would take a while to be removed.

Shortly after the tree incident the electricity went out.

Given the fact that I couldn't move my car, really had no place to go via foot, was without electricity, and needed a break from reading, I finally concluded that I should do some sewing by hand. Positioned in my bed near the bedroom windows while singing various tunes, I whipped up this lil' tote out of some scrap fabric and yarn that came from my stash:

(affixed to my blinds like that just cause I love that view.)

I was so pleased with my handiwork, I decided that a couple should be made for my manfriend's neices. With candle in hand, I managed to dig out some denim scraps from the stash in my dark closet without burning the place down. Some ribbon, paint, and snap closures were added to produce these:

I think they'll like 'em. :-)

Around 3 o'clock the power was restored and the tree had been mostly removed from the driveway.

You can see the guy who owns this apt. building (as well as the house in front) chopping and removing that tree all by himself. If anybody should get Landlord of the Year award, it's him. Whatever problem arises he's on it quick! Things get done even if he's the one who has to do it.

All in all my day was pretty peaceful. It was kind of bitter sweet once the power was restored. I knew I'd be compelled to get back to the usual. The hand sewing was fun, though. I'll have to do it more often.

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