Sunday, December 23, 2007

"It's All About Me Me Me Me Me..."

Well, partially anyway.

This past Thursday I was featured on a wonderful blog for women entrepreneurs called More Than We Know.

(Click here to read!)

There are a lot of other great articles on there as well. Very inspirational.
Contrary to what one might get from my interview there, these past few days I've been feeling a bit 'blah', not wanting to sew or do much of anything besides lie in the bed while playing with my hair and watching the squirrels do their thing outside the windows. (Oh, and take photos of the squirrels.)

Yesterday I took aaaaall my scraps out of the scrap bin and scattered them all over the room in color coordinated piles. The plan was to get started on some scrap dresses as mentioned previously.

I did manage to sew some pieces together.

The stitching came out kinda funky in places, and the fabric wasn't as flat and smooth as it should be. I knew this was all due to me really being unmotivated and doing something just to say I did something. For me that's a recipe for a shoddy outcome every time. This'll have to be redone. Soon all the scraps were put back, and I decided to wash and twist my hair instead.

My plan was to just take an extended break from making anything new in order to pull myself back together. You know. Just let the 'blahness' run its course. However, this morning I got the most *wonderful* message of positivity on etsy, and I've been moved to work on something today. So that's what I'm gonna do. :-D

It may be something small, but dangit, I'm creating today! Then I'll go hang out with Him a bit for some fun and silliness.

Have a great SUN-day everyone!


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