Friday, January 11, 2008

"Here I Come Again!!!!"

(Now this has to be one of the best dance scenes in the land. I really love it :-D)

So it's been what...nearly three weeks??

I've had stuff to say, but not really the certainty that it would make any difference...just as what's coming may not, ha!

Sometime around August 2006 I had a vision for a collection of 100% cotton dashiki style garments as well as some lil mini dresses with flared sleeves. I had a whole page of sketches and everything. Now that's big for me, since I'm not really a garment sketcher. My ideas got straight from mind to fabric.

Well, here it is 2008, and it's finally happening. That's about right, though....a year and five months to get started on on something that's been on my mind. That flytie website...which has been planned and drawn out in a notebook for nearly 2 yrs now....will happen. I'm just not sure when. Hey, that's just the way things flow 'round here.


I finished 2 of the cotton dresses lately.

Both of these are available in my etsy shop.

The second one came out extra small. (Maybe you can tell how squished I am in it...could barely breathe once I managed to get it zipped) That wasn't my intention, but things just work out like that sometimes. The beautiful thing about the world is that it consists of folk of all shapes and sizes, so everything has its place. :-D

I've made one of the dashiki tunics. It's not all cotton, but sill...

I'm in love with wide sleeves.

Solid colors are also big with me right now. My sistafriend, who I've been a long distance personal stylist for over the last 4 yrs., gets a lot of solid colored dresses made. I recently finished some (and am working on more) for her, so now it's carrying over into other things.

It's great, cause you can add various accessories to jazz it up if you want.

I suppose that's it for now. Surprisingly, I've been in a serious sewing mood lately, so I'm just riding the waves. They come and go.

Be back soon with more... :-)


Urbanknit said...

love the shapes and the simplicity

esque said...

Hello, found your blog via an etsy-thread. Really like your style, especially the purple dashiki!


flytie said...

yeah simplicity is my thing.

oh and the dashiki is gray, but i could see how it may appear purple on different screens.

thank you much!

narcissaqtpie said...

I love the cotton dresses!