Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cozy Legs and Birthday Sale

Although it's generally hot (and humid) where we are on the island of O'ahu, things can get chilly when the ocean/beach is literally your backyard.  The breeze that comes through the house is pretty amazing.  I really like fresh, cool air over central air--which this place doesn't have anyway--and having the windows and back door open with ceiling fans on provides just what we need.

There are times, though, when I notice baby's legs are cool to the touch, and now that I'm practicing Elimination Communication with her (which is going surprisingly well, by the way), I prefer not to have pants on her around the house just so we can get "in position" when the need arises. ;)

The other day I started working on some leg warmers for her.  I finished them up today.

The gray jersey knit material was left over from a customized tunic I made last spring, and I've got plenty of Kente scraps lying around.  I'm pleased with the warmers overall, although they are a bit loose at the bottom and end up covering her feet with all the moving she does.  I'll be sure to make the next pair just a little bit more snug. 


It's November!  This means that I'll be celebrating another year of life in a couple of weeks.  

In honor of this (and also because I need stuff to GO!) I'm having a 20% off sale in the shop!  Just enter code NOV20 at checkout.

I'm also offering free shipping on all US orders.

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