Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Baby Functions, Pineapple, and Fatoumata Diawara

Ok. This is completely off the subject of clothing or any of the other stuff that I've previously talked about in my posts.  It does relate to baby though, so I guess it's not totally off the subject. 

Three or four years ago I saw a film in which I witnessed a woman in Namibia, Africa sitting a young baby over her leg to relieve himself.  the child was free of any sort of diaper. She just knew he had to "go", she positioned him correctly, and he "went". This wasn't the focus of the film, but that small scene caught my attention and had me like, "Wait...this is what's happening in terms of tending to baby's elimination needs in other parts of the world? And at such a young age??? When/if I have a child someday, I'm doing that!"

Fast forward to me having a baby (who'll be 3 months old tomorrow--Wednesday--by the way). 

Now, I'm cloth diapering her but must have put that whole no diaper use thing to the back of my mind, or I must've taken it for granted or something because the other day when I discovered that there's a movement called Elimination Communication, I was hit like, "Wait! I said I was gonna do this a long time ago!"

So, it began. :-D  I have had some success with the process so far and intend to have this child "going potty" by the age of one. Ok, at least by age two.

This is sooooooo up my alley, and I'm determined that we'll get it.

(I should add that there certainly won't be any pressure on baby or myself to do this.  It's not that big of a deal. Just something I'm fascinated by and want to try. I'm reading a lot of info on the subject as well as watching videos.)


One another note, sometime last spring we planted a small pineapple top.  Here it is today!

It's even bigger than it appears here. 

I look forward to the fruit coming up.


Today on Facebook I posted about Fatoumata Diawara and this dress from her video Bissa.  I intend to make me one like it. 

 Lovely dress and us pictured together at the International Festival of Lafayette, LA in 2013.

There's something about Malian music that I love, and this woman is phenomenal.

Hopefully I can soon find the right material for the dress...



Anonymous said...

This elimination subject is uber interesting. I love it and will do my own research. What is the name of that movie by the way? The dress is definitely cute. A double knit fabric would be great for those cooler days that you still want to dress light.

fly Tie said...

yeah, it really is! i found a few books from the library on getting a baby out of diapers at an earlier age. i've heard about some of the issues people have with potty training children around 3 yrs old, and i do not want to experience any of that if i can avoid it.

it's a documentary called _everybody loves babies_. it's a cool film with no talking from the film maker. you just have to watch.

yeah, i'm thinking of using a knit for the dress, and i'll probably also make one in cotton gauze.