Friday, October 17, 2014

Bird's Eye View

Seems like these days are moving so very quickly, but I'm loving every moment of it all.

Yesterday I worked at figuring out where I'll set up my sewing machine in our new home.

This seems like the ideal spot to me. :-D

I'm not sure how practical it is, though.  The wind would have fabric all over the place.  The height is a problem too, but I've already thought of a way to fix that.  This probably won't be my permanent sewing spot, but hopefully I can make it work some of the tine.

Here's our little dove friend who not only likes to walk around on the lanai/balcony looking for crumbs but also comes indoors sometimes (the screen is usually always open). 

Not sure how I feel about that yet, but since he/she usually doesn't walk in past a certain point and never flies in, I usually let it slide.

From my understanding there's a hurricane headed for these islands (again), but I'm not completely sure.  A lady at the bank said it's not coming this way after all.  That sounds kinda off to me, but we'll see. This particular island was missed by the last two that were out this way a couple of months ago, and with us living right on the beach now, I certainly wouldn't be thrilled about huge waves crashing in due to inclement weather. :-/


On another note, I recently published an essay on my writing blog that I wrote relating to the whole Ferguson, Missouri ordeal. Something just a little bit different. Check it out here:

Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I just LOVE that you have a little dove visitor! We rescued a runt bluejay 17 years ago and had a wonderful friend for 17 years until she recently died. Birds are amazing! I can still hear her AMAZING song in my mind sometimes when I'm in those evanescent moments between sound asleep and barely awake.