Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summertime Clearance and Sewing Manual

I am in disbelief that it's July already.  Gotta get some things mooooooving....

I haven't mentioned it here in a while, but the sewing/design manual that I've got in the works is essentially done, and I'll be offering it in PDF format really soon.  There's not necessarily any legitimate reason why I can't go ahead and offer it today.  I'm just stalling...editing over and over, etc.  It's gotta be accurate. 

When your goal is to teach people how to do something via words and pictures on a page, it's important that the information be clear and comprehensible.  In my experience in looking at certain online tutorials, I've found that things can get pretty confusing really quickly.  With my efforts in putting together this manual (which may be the first in a series of them), I hope that the instructions come across as clearly as possible.  

Instructions on how to make four different skirt styles will be given: a-line, straight, gathered, and handkerchief.  

flyTie Clothing skirt styles from over the years.

Anyone who has basic sewing skills and an interest in making garments from scratch will be able to use the manual to make versions of these four styles.  Of course outcomes will vary based on chosen fabrics and other factors.  

When it's ready, I'll offer the manual on this site, on Etsy, and probably on Amazon as well, so if you have interests that lie in that area, be on the lookout for it!


Since it is July and Summer is rolling right along,  I'm seriously feeling like getting rid of everything in my shop.  Most of the styles are from last season (and a few are from the season before that!), so it's past time for them to go. 

Yesterday I took some time to mark most of the garments down even further, so they are even more affordable.  When you factor in the free shipping, you'll really be getting some amazing deals on one-of-a-kind garments, all handmade by me.  Despite the extremely low prices on these items, all are of great quality.  I have to say that, since sometimes we equate low prices with low quality.


A whole lot of care and love goes into every garment that I make.  It's just that when I feel it's time for them to go, I will mark them down to get them GONE!  

So. You can assist me in getting them gone by going to flytie.etsy.com, adding stuff to your cart, entering the savings code, and purchasing!

I'll love you forever.  :)

(I will anyway.)

Have a beautiful day.

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