Saturday, June 28, 2014

Around the Garden and Things

Happy Saturday!  

Just stopping through to do some quick promoting!

The sale that's been running in the Etsy shop is still going on, and several of the dress styles pictured above are part of the sales event.

All are currently marked down, and you can save an additional 10% + get free US shipping on all SALE items. Just enter code LOVE8 at checkout for savings.

In the collage above you can see happy flyTie Clothing customers styling their versions of the dress.  It's really a great one for summer and can also be layered with other garments during the cooler months.   Chances are I won't be making anymore ready-to-ship versions of the style this year, but there's also the option to have one custom made.

Speaking of that, there are two of this style that are ready-to-ship.

The two dresses are samples from last season.  Both are size large, and both are HALF OFF!

Get 'em in the Shop.

On another note, we've got a garden happening over here on the lanai (balcony), and it's coming along really nicely. 

There are several aloe plants, one large tomato plant (transplanted), a few pots with tomatoes started, from seed, turmeric, pineapple, blue agave as well as some other plants.  Not pictured is the avocado plant. Yes! :)  If there's one thing that pleases me very much, it's growing plants--particularly plants that produce food.   I'm going to be so thrilled when the cherry tomatoes come through.  Currently there are three small green ones on there.

That aloe in the foreground that looks something like a claw is so funny to me. It had been discarded someplace, so we got it, brought it home, and are assisting in giving it new life.  The big aloe in the background started out the same way, growing to one side.  Eventually it opened up and is growing beautifully. 

Everything in due time!

Ok. That's it for now.  Remember to check out the flyTie Clothing Etsy Store, buy some items,  enter LOVE8 at checkout, and save!


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