Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tote Workshop at Art Explorium

Sunday's workshop at Art Explorium was a success!  I was completely worn out after assisting ten students with making ten bags, however the experience of teaching young people is always delightful. 

 The students really enjoyed having the opportunity to use the sewing machine, and they took instructions very well on how to use it.  There's some coordination involved with operating the machine (dealing with the wheel, pedal, lever the raises the presser foot up and down, etc.), and these students caught on really quickly.  

They were very pleased not only with their bags, but they also really enjoyed the hand sewing project.  One student had me sew her felt piece--adorned with her name--onto the front of her bag as a pocket.  You can see it in the middle picture in the top row of pictures.

Things moved along so quickly that I didn't get an opportunity to take a group picture with all of the the students, but we all had such a good time.  I really think they're going to enjoy using bags that they sewed themselves with only minimal assistance from me. ;-)


Today I'm finishing up a customized tunic.  It'll have dark gray jersey knit as the base and will have pieces of African print fabric sewn into it patchwork favorite.

Now just which fabrics I chose to use out of the pieces laid out above is part of the reveal of the final outcome.  So, we will see! 

Making tunics is fairly easy. The most involved part when making a patchwork tunic--or patchwork anything for that matter--is coming up with which fabric patterns and colors work best together, in my creative mind anyway. 

I enjoy it so much.



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