Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sewing Workshop at Art Explorium

Today I'll be holding another workshop at the wonderful Art Explorium in Honolulu teaching students ages 6 and up skills in sewing by hand as well as machine.

I found a tutorial online for a hand-sewing project.  Rather than use styrofoam plates that the site suggests (they're not good at all for the environment or health), we'll be doing our project on felt.  Above is a sample piece that I was working on the other day. 

We'll also make totes by machine.  

Sample made from scraps

There will be a class of ten students, one sewing machine, one sewing instructor (me), and one and a half hours to make it all happen.  Others will be there to assist me, so I expect things to work out just fine.

I've come up with ways to make the sewing of the bag--perhaps a 20 minute project for those who may have no previous sewing experience--go more quickly.  For instance, rather than cutting and sewing straps the way I normally teach students to do (and the way I've done on the tote above), we will use vinyl or some other non-fraying material to construct the bag straps from . I've got my fingers crossed that the collection of fabrics at the center includes some such material!  We may also forgo finishing the inside seams with a zig zag stitch. By taking these two approaches, we should have enough time for each student to complete a tote. 
 I look forward to the excitement and am grateful to Art Explorium for giving me the opportunity to teach classes here in Hawaii.   I feel like I'm right on track with my usual summer sewing camps that I'd gotten used to hosting in Louisiana. :)

Pictures to come...

Have a wonderful Sunday.~

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