Thursday, May 8, 2014

On Style

"Content is of great importance, but we must not underrate the value of style.  That is, attention must be paid to not only what is said but how it is said; to what we wear, as well as how we wear it.  In fact, we should be aware of all we do and of how we do all that we do."--Maya Angelou

It was timely to have come across the above quote in her book Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now yesterday as I had very recently been thinking about how  it's important for us to be conscientious of the ways in which we move about the planet. Much like Dr. Angelou I feel that style is quite relevant in our daily interactions with ourselves, others, and various situations.   As a clothing designer and someone who has always been aware of my presence, this notion certainly applies to the ways in which I dress and prepare myself to leave the house.  (As I've gotten older I've realized that I'm much like my paternal grandmother in this sense. I also know that I'm much like my maternal grandmother when it comes to what I may possibly be wearing when inside the house.  Funny and interesting contrasts.) Beyond clothing and dress, it's been my natural inclination to be "stylish" in general, and I believe what's being conveyed in the quote is a message that could really change--for the better--the dynamics that exist when it comes to humanity's growth and development.


New items in the Etsy Shop!

This is a customized, floor length version of a shorter skirt currently available on Etsy. The new owner really liked the style but preferred it longer.  No problem, of course :).

I was so pleased with the outcome that I decided to offer the longer style on a made-to-order basis in the shop.  This can be created using different prints, since the ones pictured may or may not be available at any given moment.  The good news is that they are all available  right now!


Now, this is a dress that I made for myself this past March.  I made the dress, put it in the closet, and never wore it.  I took it out yesterday intending to wear it out to run a few errands only to find out that I can no longer fit it!

I did make it a bit tight to begin with, but it fit.  Now I can barely even pull it down over my bust.  What's up with that?

Anyway, it's now available for purchase.  This is the only one of this style and color I've made.


I'm currently working on a new tunic that I hope to have completed by the day's end.

Aside from that, I'll likely spend a considerable amount of time scoping out new fabrics online.  It's an obsession of mine.  

Wishing you a great day!

Monday's attire:  flyTie Clothing reversible handkerchief style dress (layered with a gifted tank top) and leggings.

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