Monday, May 12, 2014

Tunics and Leis

More than doing anything else on the internet these days, I enjoy "window" shopping for fabric on various websites.  If the opportunity were there consistently, I'd be ordering fabric all the time and just have a constant flow of fabric filled packages arriving via the mail carrier.  Over the last couple of months this has been the case thanks to all of the wonderful custom orders I've been receiving. 

During those moments when I'm not purchasing new fabrics, I always enjoy going through the pieces and scraps that I already have and seeing what new items I can come up with.  Lately I've gotten back into making tunics.  These go way back in my history of clothing design, and I'm sure they'll always be a staple piece in the collection.  

Two of the latest:

Adinkra!  Symbols are always fun for me, and the above fabric was some I've been holding onto for a while.  Rather than letting the printed fabric stand alone, I decided to add in a few pieces of denim to break it up. 

The burgundy batik piece used here was hand created by a Louisiana-based visual artist whom I worked with in the local school system for a couple of years.  It was originally a long piece of fabric, and I used most of it to make this dress...a favorite.

For the remainder of the tunic I found some pieces of jersey knit that complimented the colors in the batiked fabric nicely then added denim strips to the sides in front and back for just a little more style.   It's a bit more on the snug side than the Adinkra tunic but works wonderfully for those who fit an xsmall or small.   Both tops are available in the Etsy shop.


There's also a sale in the shop!

Save 15% on this made-to-order dress now through Tuesday, May 13.

It's really one of my favorite creations, and people really seem to love it.  I always like to offer savings on some of my most popular pieces. :)  

No need to enter a code when ordering. It's alrady been marked down.


Saturday I attended a workshop at the local library on Ti Leaf Lei making.  I'm sure we've all seen the traditional leis of Hawaii made with plumeria flowers. Since being here I've learned of various other types, including the ti leaf one.

This was my first (and only so far) attempt, and I'll be getting more leaves this week to practice some more.  I'm not sure if you can see them, but there are also little handmade (also from ti leaves) roses intertwined in there.  

The leaves are really oily and excrete lots of it as you're twisting them.  For this reason it's suggested to let them dry before wearing so as not to get oil stains on your clothes. 


I think today I'll take a break from sewing and do some writing.  I've got a couple of fabric packages on the way, so soon I'll be back to working on custom pieces.  Have a beautiful day/week!

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