Friday, May 2, 2014

Free Shipping

Happy Friday!

Today I'm working to finish up a customized denim and Kente print skirt, maxi style.  Pockets have been added, and the waistband is going on, so it should definitely be complete by the day's end.

Once that's done I'm gonna whip up another tunic using some Adinkra fabric that I've had for a while.

I'll probably included some of the denim you see pictured there as well. The whole patchwork tunic concept has been appealing to me a lot lately as I work to use up some of the fabric pieces in my stash.


As the title of this post suggests, I'll be offering free shipping on all orders in my Etsy shop  Saturday, May 3-Monday, May 5! When shopping just enter MFS14 at checkout.


Yesterday I mailed off two customized skirts to a client in Washington.  She was really excited to order two new maxi style skirts that accommodate her style and height, and I'm really looking forward to her feedback on both!

Denim Fishtail Skirt and Green Linen Skirt with Batik Inserts

Even after doing this work for all these years, I still get anxious waiting for people to share feedback on items that I've created for them.  I'll probably be on edge about it until she receives her package next week.  Hopefully all will be well! :-)


Some of the best shells can be found on the floor of the Pacific Ocean out here in Hawaii.  Last week I came across these lovely cowries, which I'm considering incorporating into garments.  Either that or I'll attempt to make myself some earrings from the smaller ones.  

  I've never really tried jewelry making, but I've got a couple of pairs of cowrie shell earrings to use as prototypes.  But I'm really feeling the idea of sewing them onto a handmade top.  Maybe one that I'll keep for myself. :-)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The fabric is lovely. Would make a great pencil skirt with a round bottom back... ;-)

fly Tie said...

youre right about that! now i may have to order some more. :)

Godclass said...

Yeah! My masterpiece is complete! can't wait to rock it all summer!! What a great price on kente cloth pieces!

fly Tie said...

:-D i'm glad you like it!!!