Sunday, April 27, 2014

Piece by Piece

I'm really hurt each time I discard a scrap of fabric, no matter how small.  I certainly never thrown away any pieces that are large enough to be used in other projects.

Yesterday I was in the mood to take a break from all of my wonderful custom orders and create something. Anything.  Going through the fabric pieces I have on hand, I came across some nice turquoise jersey knit and a significant number of large scrap pieces left over from last week's customized elephant print tunic.  After meditating over placement and positioning for a while, I came up with this new OOAK piece.

And if you missed the tunic from last week, it's available for custom order on Etsy!

Back in the day I was making this style constantly, and here lately I've really been motivated to revisit it.  They're so simple and comfortable.  They also work well for many body types.  They lend themselves to nice, decorative prints as well. You can look forward to seeing more of these coming from me this season.


Aside from that, I've got some custom orders to get back to.

I received some new Kente prints from Tambo Collection
and will be making a customized, floor-length version of the skirt above.  I've also got a denim fishtail skirt to make.

So, I've gotta get on it!

Happy Sunday!

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