Sunday, April 20, 2014


I'd vowed to not got longer than a week without updating, but I've been pretty busy this past week doing custom orders. Always a plus. :)

 I just wanted to do a quick update to share images of one of the pieces recently completed.

This linen batik skirt is based on one of my classic designs.  This is my first time making one out of something other than denim, and both I and the person it's for are really pleased with the results.  

 Below are the first two I ever made of this style.

Currently available for custom order in the Etsy shop!


I've been purchasing all sorts of interesting fabrics for custom garments lately, including this lovely elephant print. 

This will be made into a tunic with adjustable straps.  Pictures of that will be forthcoming. 


Today I'll be taking a break from fabric cutting and sewing in order to get out to the beach and enjoy some of this warm and lovely Hawaiian weather.  

4-17-14--O'ahu, Hawaii

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Cut2Clothe said...

The elephant print is lovely as well as the last photo. Makes me want to get away.

fly Tie said...

yeah, that fabric really is beautiful!

and that last image was taken on the grounds of a health facility here on o'ahu. it's soooo gorgeous up there, and food is growing all around (avacado, papaya, noni, citrus, etc.) it's so green, quite, and peaceful. located at the base of a mountain. the perfect place to do some healing.