Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Camera and Things

So!  I finally received my other camera and feel like all is well once again.

About two weeks ago I set out to make a dress using the two fabrics below.

I was intending to make it perhaps to place on Etsy.  Turns out that I ended up using only one of the fabrics and decided I'd keep the dress for myself.

 This one definitely has a house wear vibe to it, so I may use it as just that. However, I might be able to get away with it in public a few times.

In addition to making up for lost time with a camera by taking the above pictures, I also played around with some new pictures of the hand-dyed tops.

I need to perfect the process of dyeing fabric with turmeric, because I'm finding that when exposed to perspiration (salt) the fabric will fade to red.  I didn't set the dye as is recommended, so that may be the solution.  Once I get that together, these will be ready for order!

I've got a couple of projects to work on today.
Have a great Wednesday.~~~


InI Vibez said...

so beautiful!!! meh love it all!!!!

fly Tie said...

thank you!!! and you know i'm feeling everything you've got going on with ini vibez. :)

Tracy said...

I have a crush on the long summer dress. Sweet!

fly Tie said...

thanks, tracy! glad you like it. :)