Sunday, June 16, 2013


I created and shared this video several months ago, and with the weather warming up in many places, I'd like to share it again for those who may be interested in dressing minimally in order to stay cool as it heats up.  Personally, I enjoy being in as few garments as possible when it's hot while of course maintaining a level of dignity ;-).

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to create a very simple, no-sew halter top using a pieces of fabric.  Simple, cost effective, and stylish. Try it out!



Here lately I'm needing to put a bit more energy and effort towards two projects that I've just got to finish up and publish within the next couple of months.  One is an instructional e-book that I initiated back in 2008. The other is a catalog of my work.  It's imperative that I get these projects done and out into the world, because really, it's time. Past time, and my procrastination with both makes no sense. :-/

~~~~~~{Y'all send me some positive energy and vibrations so I can focus and make them both happen!} ~~~~~~


 I completed two dresses this past week!

The drape and flow of this fabric is phenomenal, and I really like its transparent nature.  My initial thought was not to line the bottom portion, but then better judgement for this particular style kicked in and I added an underskirt.  I may get more of this material and create something with no lining at all. :-)

This is a customized garments based on this one:

This is one of my favorite designs.  I always find the asymmetrical style skirt to be flattering to the female form, not to mention the fun, playful, and sexy cut-out back. :-)  Love it.

This particular dress is always available for custom order in a range of colors and in whatever size you may require.  Contact me via email at or on Etsy for more information.  

Have a great week!


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