Sunday, June 23, 2013


Recently I told myself that I'd lay off from making new garments until I drastically decrease some of the inventory I currently have.  I don't like to have too much stuff on hand, and the garments are starting to pile up.

BUT! Even though I tell myself this, I end up still making more and more. It all happens because I keep seeing great fabrics at really reasonable prices that just want to have something made from them.  How am I to resist this? :)

As it turns out, the last three fabrics that I used were gray

The latest...

This versatile garment can be worn as a dress or skirt.

The fabric--a rayon/cotton/spandex blend--has great stretch, drapes well, and is very comfortable. 


I recently made a brown tube style tunic like the yellow one.  I was offering these for custom order at a really great price, but there's only enough material left to make one more in each color, and I've also got one of each on hand, size medium/large.

I've also got a couple more in this style. One yellow and one brown.

I really do love making and wearing tunics.  Next I'm going to experiment with making them in print fabrics.  Yeah, cause of course despite what I said at the beginning of this post, I know I won't stop making new items.



Jasmina Gelsominastar said...

The grey dress/skirt is so great!It would be perfect to take on a vacation,so one could have a 2 in 1 item.

fly Tie said...

exactly! it's perfect for that. :-)