Sunday, June 30, 2013


As mentioned last week  I'm drastically scaling back on making new garments in order to focus on other projects related to my garment design operation.  This includes cataloging many of my designs, finishing up an instructional book, and focusing on expanding.  

While I won't be creating much in the way of new designs, I am customizing a lot of pieces that are listed in my etsy shop.  I'm also making preparations to offer this dress for customization in a few colors.

These days I'm really feeling the whole sexy-fitted-maxi-dress thing, so I'm going to be focusing in on this style as well as either another one that I have in mind.  I'm thinking 100% cotton, smooth and stretchy jersey knit.  More to come on that.



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Soul Pretty said...

OMG...this dress is sick...I'm going to feature it on my blog next the mean time I'm sending my address so you can participate in the back to school sickle cell back pack drive...

Thanks again lady...keep creating.

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