Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Truth of the Matter

When it comes down to it, I am content to design and make garments, have people purchase and love them, write, have people gain something from my writings, and live a peaceful, loving life. That is all. It's that simple. 

If I did not have to do a single thing else other than what's listed above, I know that I would be satisfied.

{----Now, that part about living a loving life is loaded. That includes many things that would serve to make my existence complete.----}

If I am to have to DO something to generate income in order to maintain in this society, that is what I prefer for it to be: make what I want to make and have people purchase my creations consistently.  

This came to mind as I was doing alterations this morning.  {Actually, it's come to mind plenty of times before.}

Quite honestly, I really don't care to do a whole lot of alterations.  Neither am I crazy about creating custom garments.  That is, unless it's altering something I made or someone wants one of my designs custom made in their size or in a different color, etc. :-)

Something that comes with the territory of knowing how to sew is having people approach you about altering garments or making something they want to have made.  You're viewed primarily as a seamstress, and to them, the designer/artist part takes a back seat.  No doubt that the two are or can be intertwined, but like a local spoken word artist said in one of his pieces, when it comes to this work, I am an artist FIRST. 

I use sewing and the sewing machine as a medium. Just as a visual artist may use paint to convey a message or vision, the machine allows me--along with the use of fabric, of course--to convey a design idea in a completed form.  It's a tool which I rely upon to bring about my art. To get it out of my head and into the world.  That's its primary function. 


We have this thing of sustainability.  Sometimes, in order to sustain and support the work you'd rather be doing, you do the other things. Take in/let out a dress. Make garments people want made for church, events, or in general. Take a bridesmaid dress down three sizes. Replace zippers. Make curtains??? Etc.  

Yes, these are the things that are done to get by.

In a more ideal situation though, there would be none of that.  Or at least less of it.  I'd just be doing my thing. My way.

Despite it all, I am extremely grateful for anyone who has enough faith in me and my abilities to sew *anything* for them. {Goodness knows I have come a very long way.}  That's love in a pure form, and it really is a true blessing.



MyCoCreations said...

;) I know exactly what you mean! I'm glad to have a love of creating, which takes me many places yet nothing is better than simply bringing to life, the idea(s) that you happen upon. Sometimes they scream to come out, yet because you are busy making/fixing etc aka supporting your daily living situation, you must push it to the back until you can't take it any longer OR you have a little bit of "free" time. For me, the only way to get through the times are to write and/or draw my me it is a form of being introduced to the world in a phase 1 type of delio :) Btw I really enjoy reading your blog :)

flytie said...

yep, that's exactly what it is! but i like your way of writing/drawing your ideas; when i really think about it, i realize that i do something similar. although i don't draw or sketch designs, i'm always contemplating new ones in my head. this keeps me connected to the art despite whatever other work i may be doing.

thanks for reading!:-D