Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I absolutely love to make and wear tunics (although I don't wear them nearly enough). 

That's the latest, and the fabric used is thicker than that used on the other gauze tunics made a couple months ago.

Both fabrics are nice, but I admittedly prefer that used in the brown and yellow tunics.  It's much lighter and has more of a Summery feel to it.  The black gauze-- on the other hand--is less transparent and, therefore, doesn't have to be lined on top or bottom.  One layer can stand sufficiently on its own.  

But there's something about me and lining stuff.  Sometimes it just feels like a garment isn't complete unless it's lined--even when it may not need it.  Given this harmless obsession of mine, I did end of lining the top of the black tunic.  If nothing else, we can be totally positive that it is not see through!  I think, though, that I'm going to hunt down some lighter weight black gauze and offer those for custom order as well.  These make a great staple pieces. 


Due to my neglecting the blog, there are several pieces that I've made over the past few weeks that I haven't shared here.  Now, if you follow me on Facebook , chances are you've seen these.  But still...

I fell in love with this fabric immediately and knew I'd have to make something of it.  Simple, sexy, flirty, fun. Oh, and ~fly~. :-)

Customized. Denim and wax print.  I'm really loving this style. 

I'm a part of a wonderful trade and barter group on Facebook called Native Style Trade and Barter.  I spotted a printed backpack up for trade in the group and knew I had to have it.  This dress was made and will be traded for said backpack.    It's the first of its kind that I've made, and I've got a feeling I'll be making lots more.  

*Must get hands on a range of nice wax prints*


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