Monday, April 15, 2013


Aloha to my wonderful blog readers. :-)

New skirt made for self with more fabric from Hawaii.
I absolutely love it. 

Things have been somewhat hectic around here lately as I attempt to balance designing/creating garments with various life events.  My flow has been somewhat disrupted, but order will be restored soon. 

I'm pleased to say that I've sold the second of a dress style that I really like,

flyTie Clothing Backless Knit Dress


Since the first two that I've made like this have been green, I'm going to be branching out to other colors soon.  I've got blue and purple in mind and can also envision in black. 

I'll be out sourcing fabrics later today, so we'll see what else i come up with.



Marissa said...

loving the looks :)


Kiah Torres said...

This dress is insane. The back is so sexy!