Wednesday, April 3, 2013

As It Seems

This is one of my favorite new skirt designs which seems to be pretty popular among others as well.

So far these are the only two of this style that I've made. The one on the left was a custom order, and the other is currently available in my etsy shop!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I received three yards of denim which I'd ordered with the intention of making another skirt like those pictured above. I did receive the fabric, but I'm completely confused by what's going on with it:

It's rare that I order denim online. I generally get it from one of the local big box fabric stores.  Theirs is typically lightweight and not much like the denim most people are used to in jeans, jackets, etc.  That's fine, but I'd decided to go with something a little heavier for the next skirt.  What I ordered was labeled as medium weight denim.  What I received is something that's denim on one side and  what appears to be paint/plastic on the other (that's the white you see above). :-/

It's very stiff, and I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to be or if I need to wash it to make it "right". There was nothing on the website that said what I was ordering was canvas or upholstery fabric, so I don't know why it looks/feels like this.  I haven't done anything with it, because chances are it'll be getting sent back or sold on ebay.  Guess I'll stick with the denim I'm used to for now.
(If anyone reading knows anything about this, please do let me know.) ~

In other news, last week I managed to make a few pieces for me! :-D

The two garments on the right were made from fabric sent to me by Julie in ~Honolulu, Hawaii~. I'm so very pleased with both. The turquoise dress on the right is a pleated little number created from fabric that I have/had about 10 yards of.  I'm intending to make a jump suite from the same material pretty soon...

I've got two other pieces in the works that will also be made from fabric sent from ~Hawaii~.  It feels really good to sew for self. I intend to do more of that for the impending hot/humid Louisiana weather.


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