Sunday, March 24, 2013


*Walks right on back in as though she hasn't neglected the blog for one whole month straight*


So much has been going on with me on so many levels, but one thing that's remained constant is that I have been super busy designing and sewing.  

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Most recently I *finally* got around to making tunics again!

flyTie Clothing Cotton Gauze Tunics--$40

My last time making these was in 2009, and I'm not sure why that is since I absolutely love them.  

The two pictured are samples (and are MINE :-D ), however I've got plenty of the brown and yellow material to make them for others.  

Here's a close-up of the yellow, which actually has pinstripes. 


I've got several other projects in the works all at once, and I hope to be sharing images of them in their completed state soon.  In the meantime here are some other recent creations.

Customized for my friend (author/writer) Olympia Vernon. See more here. This dress is inspired by this one that's currently available in my etsy shop. 

This denim skirt was also customized for someone local to me.  It's based on a corduroy on that's available on etsy

Here's a dress I made several weeks ago from fabric that I bought in 2009 or 2010.  For some reason I just wasn't getting any favorable pictures of the dress inside, so I was waiting for the weather to warm up so I could try getting some good ones outdoors.  I think these'll do.  It'll be on etsy soon...

That's what I've been up.

Hope you're doing well.

Be back soon...



Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful,but my favorite one is the the denim skirt.It rocks :)!Plus in the last picture you look so super cute =)...
Kiss,kiss :)...

flytie said...

:-D thanks, jasmina! i always appreciate your beautiful words.