Sunday, May 26, 2013


An inanimate thing or object has only as much life as the amount of force you put  into or behind it, one way or another.  

In my efforts to rid myself of garments that linger in my collection for too long, every couple of months or so I'll rephotograph them in a new environment, under new circumstances, with new energy.  Typically when I do this it's sporadic.  Yet, it happens consistently.

This whole idea of bringing new energy to a thing is pretty incredible when you think about it.  Objects are made/produced/manufactured and are lifeless until we bless them with the essence of who we are.  

I've found that when I relate in this way to the garments that I make--use my own life force to give them new appeal--it's as though they've been reconstructed, and they move into a new space with someone who loves them as much as I do. 

Maya Angelou said:

"Nothing will work unless you do."

Simple and profound.

We are to do the necessary work if the things that we create and initiate are to bring us the return or level of satisfaction that we desire.
In light of this, we have a crucial responsibility in the scheme of it all, and we must simply do the work. 

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Thanks to my resourcefulness and ability to keep material costs at a minimum ;-), Here's what I'm doing:

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These are available in sizes small through x-large, and limited quantities are available, as I only have so much of this particular fabric.  They're 100% cotton gauze, comfortable, easy, breezy and only $22. Just for you!~



Elisa Marvena Nyarai said...

I'm more than happy to have been finally able to purchase a piece of your art. It feels so good to know how much of yourself you have put into these dresses. I feel the same way about my work, that's why I don't seem able to create lots of products at a time, I just need to re-charge from time to time.
Have a blessed day my Sis!

fly Tie said...


thanks so much!

and yes, the re-charge is essential.~